SERVICEPROFESSIONAL is dedicated to customer service and we are making it our BUSINESS to bring GREAT service to the customer. We are partnering with Service Professionals you with the aim of improving service standards in YOUR area. Look for the best rated Service Professionals or a Badge of Excellence that define those who are setting the trend.

You as a Service Provider embark on many forms of advertising but often the cost of advertising is far too expensive and further your money is not enough to reach all consumers. We at ServiceProfessional bring the customer to you by attracting a host of Service Providers to the website and provide a one stop shop if you like for geat service.

  •  Cost – we have a number of cost effective solutions that will make it possible for all  Service Provider’s to afford a place on the site
  •  Customers – Why wait for customers if we can bring them to you.
  •  Review’s – If you offer great service then why do so many people not know of the great service provided by you? ServiceProfessional becomes the place where this all happens.

Our aim is to focus and highlight companies/professional’s who offer GREAT service. For those who do not meet the standard, we simply will not offer them the opportunity to be listed on our website when their contract ends.

Our ratings sheet is live and immediately is available to the public. All comments made by customers and are reviewed and will be release for public scrutiny once you as the Serve Provider confirms receipt of same.

  • On registration, please ensure that we provide you with our Membership brand that may be placed in your business or on your own website
  •  For Service Excellence and Top Rated Service Providers we are pleased to share our recognition programme that hopefully will identify your company as one of these Service Providers.

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